About the Altenburgs

Imagine a school where students can come and not just learn, but thrive. A classroom made of earth and sky students can get out from behind their desks, get their hands dirty, and learn life skills. Students will be given opportunities to share their talents with the community. They will be connecting consumers with where and how their food is grown along with creating lasting bonds and memories in the process.

For over 50 years Altenburg’s farm has been a part of tradition for central Wisconsin families, school, and students. As Harold Altenburg looks to the future, he would like to see these rich traditions not only continue, but expand. Harold has leased the use of his farm to The School at Altenburg’s Farm in an effort to continue this legacy.

“When you plant seeds in rich soil and carefully cultivate them, they grow into strong, healthy plants. Imagine doing the same for young people – by providing them with a rich environment in which to learn and cultivate their talents, you will help them grow into healthy, contributing members of society.”

We can’t reach Harold’s vision without your financial support. Please make a financial contribution to the School at Altenburg’s Farm. With your generous contribution, we can make a lasting impact on Central Wisconsin. If you have any questions regarding The School at Altenburg’s Farm please email us at or call any director below.

The Board of Directors for The School at Altenburg's Farm
Brad Kremer, President
Ashleigh Calaway, Secretay
John Moffit, Treasurer
Jeff Boyd
Gus Mancuso